Delegate Spotlight: Darius Cappelli

21 May

Name: Darius Cappelli
Title: Journalist
Organization: Travel World News
Location: Washington, DC

Q: What do you hope to gain from the Congress?
A: A better understanding of the state of tourism in Africa; some countries are doing better than others in tourism and I hope to gain a better understanding of the internal and external factors that contribute to it.

Q: What do you see as Africa’s greatest tourism asset?
A: Africa is a continent and varies greatly wherever you go. Cultures are different, what people want to see are different and there is a variety of food, history… Africa’s got a lot to offer and is undiscovered by a majority of people, especially in the US.

Q: What do you see as the industry’s greatest ally?
A: With the history of European colonialism, Europeans are more familiar with [African] destinations because they have been coming here in a way that Americans aren’t.

Q: What do you think is tourism’s role in development?
A: Pumping more and more into the economy and getting more hard currently into deserving peoples’ pockets. Gambia has done a great job of becoming a tourist destination.

Posted by Chi Lo

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