It’s That Time of Year Again…Gearing Up for the 36th Annual World Congress in Senegal!

19 May

African Renaissance Monument - Dakar, Senegal

Hello Everyone!

ATA is excited to begin blogging again as we prepare for our 36th Annual Congress in Dakar, Senegal, which will take place from May 25-29, 2011. This year, we will be using Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, Video Clips on Youtube and this blog to ensure that all of you who were not able to join us this year can stay up to date and experience the Congress as we do!!

My name is Robyn Deutsch and I have worked with ATA, focusing on Media and Communications for a year and a half now; I will be blogging again this year about some of my experiences.

We are also very luck to have New Media Journalist Roni Weiss joining us this year. He will bring his expertise with Social Media to our team and help us with our Twittering, our Video Journals and this blog!! Andrea Pappito, an intern and close friend of ATA will also be joining us and guest blogging about some of her favorite experiences.

We love to get comments…so please share your thoughts, your requests for topics to cover and your well wishes for ATA’s 36th Annual World Congress to be a success!

Next time you hear from us, we will be in West Africa!!

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