Delegate Profile: Ogo Sow, Mr. Africa

26 May

Ogo, far right, speacking on the New Product Development Panel about Diaspora Travel

Ogo Sow, better known as Mr. Africa, is a Radio Journalist and Commentator based in Atlanta, Georgia, as well as Advisor to the ATA Executive Director on Diaspora Affairs and member of the ATA board. Please view his website here:Ogo has been a huge part of the planning and organizing of ATA’s Congress and this year, Ogo was especially excited because the Congress is being held in his home country of Senegal.

Ogo knows everyone…from government representatives to people on the street and every one of the delegates; and his mission in life is to spread his love for Africa and to encourage his brothers and sisters all over the world to experience Africa for themselves– which he does with passion and enthusiasm that is unmatched.

In ATA Executive Director Edward Bergman’s opening remarks, he made special mention of Mr. Africa, who is also Edward’s close friend, and recognized his commitment and many contributions to the association. One of the highlights of the opening ceremony (and my personal favourite moment) was when Mr. Bergman invited Ogo and his mother, who travelled into Dakar with other family members just to see Ogo at the ATA Congress, to stand for a round of applause.

Ogo with his mother (in blue), his son (far left) and other family members at the Opening Ceremony

Ogo was absolutely thrilled… and his mom was a little taken by surprise but beaming with pride. Witnessing such a special moment for Ogo and his family is something that myself and the other 200 attendees will not soon forget.

The Special Moment

Ogo participated in a panel about New Product Development and Branding on Day 2 of the Congress and discussed how best to mobilize and utilize the African Diaspora in America to increase tourism to and investment in the continent.

Ogo and I at a Senegalese Wrestling Match

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