Young Professionals Program Celebrate Africa Social Night, Traditional Braai & Shaking a Leg

7 Jun

Celebrate Africa YPP Social Night, just after the braai.

The energy from the YPP Forum carried over to the Third Annual Young Professionals Program (YPP) Social Night. On Sunday, May 20th, 2012, ATA’s young professionals hosted the 3rd Annual Celebrate Africa Social Night at The Kingdom Hotel in Victoria Falls. This evening was a time for all delegates to revel in African music, cuisine, dance, and Zimbabwean culture. Attendees began the night with a traditional braai barbeque dinner at the poolside garden. Barbeque chicken, steak, and pork were steaming on the grill. Pairings included salad, rice, traditional Zimbabwean sadza, and a lovely assortment of desert.

Chefs at the braai (Photo by: Andrea Papitto).

After much merrymaking, the group moved to the Wild Thing Action Bar inside the hotel, which is known for its dance music…..And that we did. We danced, danced, danced……..

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Photos & Blog by: Andrea Papitto, Thinking Forward Media

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