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8 Jan

This blog offers a holistic view of Chinese travel to Africa. China has become the world’s largest outbound tourist-generating country. The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) projected in 2003 that the number of Chinese travelers would reach 100 million by 2020. In addition, the China National Tourism Association (CNTA) revised this estimate, speculating that the number of Chinese people travelling abroad will actually reach this level by 2015. Encouraged by the strength of their currency, Chinese tourists spent a record US$102 billion in 2012 (40% more than in 2011), making the Chinese the biggest spenders on travel and tourism globally.

In this context, many countries are competing with each other for Chinese business. Therefore, it is important to ask: what does Chinese travel in Africa look like?  and what are the opportunities?

1. What does Chinese Travel in Africa look like?

Chinese travelers fast figures:

  • Largest Tourism market in the world (UNWTO)
  • Fastest growing tourism market in the world (UNWTO)
  • Over 83 million outbound tourists in 2012 (UNWTO)
  • Almost 56 million inbound tourists in 2012 (CNTA)
  • Highest spenders overseas (UNWTO)
  • 1.3 million visitors to Africa in 2012 (CNTA)

Chinese travelers’ characteristics:

  • Experienced Chinese travelers increasingly look for experiences beyond sightseeing and for more exotic destinations than Paris, Sydney or New York.
  • Mostly Sight-Seeing
  • Traditionalists
  • Sight-seeing –Shopping –Entertainment
  • High spenders (US$102 billion spent in 2012)
  • High expectations
  • The numbers are growing but still below potential
  • Most popular destinations are Egypt, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe
  • From travelers to tourists

2. What are the opportunities? How to attract Chinese visitors traveling to Africa?

  • Must be an Approved Travel Destination
  • Dispel the myth
  • Create a little China corner within Africa
  • Be known

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